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A brief history


Marine Cargo Experts Ltd has an excellent reputation of producing high standards of performance which has been based from a background of 20 years in delivering a very diverse range of Marine Consultancy skills to the industry.


Marine Cargo Experts Ltd was incorporated as a limited company in January 2005; due to the rapid growth in business of the partnership of M.H.Maunder & Co, which had traded for 15 years world-wide with continuing success.


The key to this success has been our commitment to professionalism in all that we do.


MCE operate a highly skilled and experienced team of marine experts, who incorporate a diverse range of maritime analytical, surveying and claim investigation skills relating to cargo along with the prevention and control of losses. They have broadened their skills base to incorporate Oil Terminal Risk Assessments for various concerns and Navigational Audits / Pre-SIRE Inspections/ On-board Navigational Training for ship Owners.


Capt Ravi Sharma MEI, (Managing Director)


Ravi is the Master Mariner, starting his career with Shell Tankers UK and has had 17 years sea service, all on Oil and Gas tankers of various sizes and types, and also many years of Petroleum Inspection and Expediting experience. He has specialised in Oil Loss Control and Tank Cleaning supervision. He first became involved in Loss Control as member of Intertek's Marine Technical Team based in London in the 80's. He became part Owner of MCE ltd in October 2012 and Managing Director on 31st December 2012. He handles the day to day running of the business.


Ian Gray MEI, (Technical Director)


Ian is also a Master Mariner, and has had 14 years sea service and 25 years experience in Oil Loss Control, Tank Cleaning supervision and marine risk management including Port and Oil Terminal Safety Auditing. His technical abilities are well known and are made use of regularly by all our Clients. He became part Owner of MCE Ltd in October 2012 and Technical Director on 31st December 2012, and remains in the field as the senior Consultant.


Malcolm Maunder BA FEI, (Consultant) (Commercial & Training)


Malcolm is a Master Mariner, with 17 years sea service. His background includes sailing on various types of ships and trade routes, involving numerous varieties of cargoes. He finished his seatime as Chief Officer on Tankers. He was a branch manager of a petroleum inspection company based in the Middle East, following which he gained experience as a Marine Consultant developing a partnership in 1990 which became Marine Cargo Experts Ltd, dealing with Oil Loss Control & Claims Investigations involving all types of cargoes. He has built a sound reputation as a specialist within Loss Control, Cargo Surveying and Marine Claims industries.


He stepped down as Managing Director of MCE Ltd in December 2012 and is retained by MCE Ltd as a Consultant to assist with the Commercial aspect of growing the business and also the very important training activities for Expeditors and within the industry at large.

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